The Truth Is..

I was never ready for you. I need more time for myself. I have to get to know me better. I need to be more patient, more understanding, more connected to the Lord.

 I need to become a better professional, get immersed in my career, be more financially secure. I need to make peace with my past and forgive those who have done me wrong. I need to spend time working on my personal and social relatuonships with individuals that I value. I need to focus on staying in the present and enjoying what life is right now. 

 I couldn’t see it then but I appreciate your departure. You allowed for me to look at myself in the mirror and work more on my reflection. Making sure what I am projecting is what I want others to receive. 
The truth is I am evolving, growing and living. I need to seek love on all levels before I can demand it from you. I need to love me more before I love you.❤️

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