A Year Later..


Wow time surely does fly! I can’t  believe yesterday made a year of blogging for me!! This is truly an accomplishment and a driving force for me to be a better writer. 

I remember when I wrote my first piece, the fractured state I was in. Very hesitant and reluctant to tell my story. Feelings of vulnerability ran through my body. But this has been my coping mechanism and a year later I am so much stronger. I am more confident in myself and I feel like my writing has definitely transcended to another level. 

My blog is more than just writing about my dates or meetups with gentlemen but its about covering all facets of what LOVE is. Finding LOVE in the Lord, self, people, travel and career just to name a few. 
Blogging is less about how many likes you receive but about the message you are putting out into the universe. Speak to the heart and soul of people. You never know who you are inspiring, who is depending on your story.
 I thank all who continuously take the time to follow my words, my journey, and my LOVE. Cheers to my 1 year!! ❤️

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