Soul Focused

 So this evening I did something totally out of my comfort zone: I soul cycled. 

Yes, this was a big deal for me. In the past I use to come across the building splashed in yellow on my social media timeline. I always thought to myself, “Hmmm, one day I’ll give this place a try”. Now I am no where near close to being a gym rat, but I have realized that health is definitely wealth. I think it is important to challenge and push your body to do things that are out of the norm. A coworker of mine encouraged me to join her and I agreed. The whole day I was dreading going. Thinking of ways to bail out or come up with a good enough of excuse but it never happened. When the clock stroke 5:30pm it was game time. Suddenly, I was surrounded by all these cycling experts ready to get their soul cycle on for the hundredth time. 

Class had begun and everyone started peadling for their life including my coworker. I soon began speeding up my peadling in an attempt to catch up with the class. I was panting, out of breath, ready to wave the white flag. But then I realized in that moment there was no need to rush. Who was I in a race with? These cyclists who didn’t even know my name? I changed my speed, went at my own pace and enjoyed the class. I realized when I started focusing on my own rhythm, the class became more enjoyable. I was in my own soul cycle zone.  

In life, we get caught up with being where someone else is that we lose sight of our own goals. We tend to think our pace is too slow, not fast enough. But if we embrace what we are doing, we will realize there is so much to learn, so much more growth we need to acquire before we are taken to the next level. So celebrate and enjoy the pace, your heart and soul will thank you. ❤️

Same Paths, Different Puzzles

We crossed paths not for us to be together but to learn something from each other. There is insight you have given me so that I can be a better partner for my future mate. You might have all the things necessary that will make for an ideal husband but it just doesn’t fit in my world. 

Your pieces are not meant for my puzzle.

I won’t let getting older lead to desperation or becoming complacent for any man that comes my way. As time moves forward I have realized there is no timetable for LOVE. I have learned this season to really relish in the moment. Take in the smiles and laughter. Enjoy the movement of life. Savor the taste of today. For tomorrow is unknown and the future we cannot see. I will continue to keep an open mind and remember that what’s meant for me won’t pass me by. ❤️