Save Your Soul

The same care we put into protecting our devices should be put into taking care of our souls.
We here it all the time. “Take care of yourself” but what really goes into doing that? I mean yes we are told to exercise, eat clean, get rest, mediate and even take up yoga. All these things are suppose to help give us a better mind and body. But what about our soul? What are we doing to cultivate a better soul? Are we examining those around us? Do they have an impact on the state of our soul? 

Let me be the first to answer this question for you: YES. 

You would be surprised how the thoughts, actions and behaviors of others can infiltrate and impede on the growth of our soul. The people that we sometimes “befriend” are responsible for the way we treat others. We start to pick up the actions, thoughts and mannerisms of the people around us. They can take us to the highest heights or 6 feet under. 

 It is important as we prepare for another season that we leave some people behind. We all know who needs to stay and who needs to go. So take the time to examine, filter and screen those who enter your “soul sanctuary”. It’s precious, sacred, valuable and beautiful. Treat your soul how you treat your “selfies”. Pick wisely those who you surround yourself with, your soul depends on it. ❤️


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