The Last Goodbye

 My heart is very sad today. I learned that a childhood friend of mine has passed away. And yes we know of so many that the Lord has taken to be with him but this hits home.
Upon my last interaction with him I learned that he was going to be a father. I saw the excitement in his eyes as he shared his life changing news. We had gathered to celebrate his sister’s baby shower. My heart was excited for him. He was not only transitioning into a man but a father. We laughed, took photos and I congratulated him on his new chapter to fatherhood. But sadly, this chapter will never be opened. 

Just last week I met up with his sister who is a dear friend of mine. She just attended his baby shower earlier that evening. Who would have known 11/7/15 would have been her last goodbye?
I wrote something for him. I hope he is listening:

“To my friend, I never thought it would be your time to leave this earth. I never thought we would be taking our last group photo that rainy and humid day in June. You were loved by so many, including your child. He might not have met you but he was aware of your presence. Your spirit will cover him and he will be reminded of who you are through the memories of your family and friends. Your legacy will live on through him. I know God has made space for you in his kingdom and that you are enjoying your new home. This wont be easy for your family but I will be of support for them during this tough time. This is not a “Goodbye” but more like “See You Later”. You will forever have a place in my heart. Until we meet again my friend.”❤️


One thought on “The Last Goodbye

  1. Rayne says:

    Everyone morning that we wake up, that we are able to get up and thank him for his blessings is an opportunity that we have to change people’s lives. Thank you for sharing.

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