I Gotta Do Better

At checking in on my loved ones both near and far

At giving more hugs
At smiling  at strangers
At saying my prayers every night and morning


At giving thanks for all that I have 
At saying “I Love You” more 
At checking in with the people in my network
At being the best “mentor” I can be
At making better financial decisions 
At letting “Shit” go
At using the magic words, “please” and “thank you”
At not taking things so personal
At being a better listener
At being a better daughter, niece and friend
At giving back to the community 
At being honest about how I am feeling in the moment
At getting more rest


At putting me first
At removing people from my life who stunt my growth
At finding the beauty in the struggle
At loving people who at times are not so lovable
When we open our eyes and breathe air into our lungs, we are blessed with an opportunity to be better than yesterday. Never take it for granted.❤️ 

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