The 4 P’s of Love

This past weekend was filled with laughter, love and excitement. I got a chance to catch up with a girlfriend of mine who recently moved into a co-op apartment. 
The place screamed elegance. She had a theme of vintage and modern elements which gave way to her personality. I also noticed she had a picture up of her boyfriend. This was a big step as she revealed that he has now moved in to her apartment. 

He has Professed that he wants to take things to the next level and has intentions on marrying her. He has made a Plan for them to save up and move into a house of their own next year. Things for her mate have moved in the right direction and he has now reached a point of financial stability. 

As a result she stated that he has become more confident in himself and feels he is in a position to Provide for her and the household that they now share. He has proven over the years that he can Protect her so she is completely secure when around him. After leaving her home, I knew there would be a proposal coming soon!

The 4 Ps to a successful union are as follows: 

Provide– when one is secure and confident in who they are on all levels: Mentally, Physically and Financially. Once they have reached this state, they will have the autonomy to be in a relationship. For a man, financial freedom = stability.He is equipped with the tools to take care of you while nourishing your soul. 

Protect- A man should be able to stand by you and behind you. He should be able to sheild you in times of a storm and on the sunny days. He is your rock, a force not to be reckoned with.

Profess– Oh yes! This in my opinion is one of the most important P’s. To profess is to express with your heart, mind and soul that she is the one. He has made his intentions clear and has no problem saying the words aloud. Remember words are powerful therefore, listen carefully.

Plan– a path, a destiny and or direction. Yes, Your man should have a plan for you. He sees you as an integral part of his present and future. There should be clear plan that you are in agreement with. If you and your mate are not singing the same song, you might want to make sure yall are listening to the same album. 

With all that being said, make sure you take heed to the 4 P’s. It will make your journey into love that much clearer. ❤️

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