My Passion, My Love

But when you are truly living in your purpose, it never feels like work.

What wakes me up on the most dreary days is my love for youth. Youth empowerment and education are at the forefront of my life. I have worked in this field for almost a decade. The work that is done in this line of work sometimes is overlooked and not taken seriously. Some people don’t understand the patience, devotion and commitment it takes to steer youth in the right direction.
 Realizing that our youth come from various backgrounds, and dealing with challenging family dynamics it takes a special person to connect with our youth. This work is never done after your assigned shift. You may find yourself working overtime for “free” tending to the needs of kids. 
This is something I was born to do. No matter how I feel, I know that there is one person depending on me. Looking forward to my greeting, my hug, my interaction. That’s what fills me up inside. That’s what makes my heart smile. 
I was reminded of this last week when my former student asked me to write her recommendation letter for her. I was her college advisor when she started her undergraduate journey to Hampton University. Now, 3 years later she is looking forward to obtaining her MBA. She stated that she made a genuine connection with me and always admired my ability to keep our relationship alive over the years. This made me smile as it made me realize when you do good work your impact will always be felt for years to come.

 Always make sure that you are walking in your purpose. That first begins with recognizing your passion. What you give energy to, has your time, has your heart and has your love.❤️

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