My Sanctuary, My Serenity

The last few days were spent tackling the space I call home. When I say tackle I mean really becoming interactive with the space and remove the things I no longer needed or did not serve me purpose. It was long over due and with the new year fastly approaching it was a task I had to get done. 

You see, I am a person who hoards. Yes, I said it. I hold on, I conceal, I keep things hidden, stored away in places never to be exposed. It is very hard for me to let go and I realized that through this process. 

I had a dear friend of mine support me during this task and she helped me tremendously with the “removal”. She made it easier for me to “let go”. “Letting Go” meant I no longer needed to be attached to the belongings I kept stored in my space all these years. I started to realize my belongings became comforting, securing and safe. But in order for growth to happen, I needed to clear not only my mind but my space as well.As the garbage bags became filled with unwanted and unnecessary items, my spirit began to feel lighter. It was as if pounds of weight had been shed from my body. 

I discovered that your space is your sanctuary. It is special, sacred and not to be tampered with. It should not be filled with toxins that invade your environment. We are responsible for the space we live in. We need to ensure that it is clutter-free, warm and inviting. I learned throughout this experience your sanctuary is what you make it, so choose wisely. As we countdown the hours to a new year, make sure you are extracting all things from your life that will prohibit you from elevation. Remember, growth is a sign of love.❤️

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