A Phenomenal Woman

I want to talk about a a phenomenal woman that I know. She is a strong, dignified, inspirational and sensational.
She has looked defeat in the face and has risen to greatness. She is paving a way for young women and girls to reminding them to never stop dreaming. Never give up on what you are destined to become. No matter where you are in life she has reminded us to “Show Up”. That to “Show Up” is not just in the physical sense but in all aspects of our life. We must celebrate where we are until we get to the next level. She has reminded me that everyone has unique and distnict purpose in life and with faith and God in our corner we will get to our final destination.
I had the pleasure of attending this phenomenonal woman’s induction ceremony this past Friday as she was being sworn in as the Civil Court Judge for the Bronx, a county in New York City. Yes a woman of color, upholding the right to make crucial and tough decisions that would impact the lives of individuals and their families forever. It takes a special kind of person to do this job. One that knows the law, knows how to be fair and one who can be a voice for the people. Judge Marsha Micheal is the woman for the job. As her colleagues and friends spoke about her they echoed the fact that she is a woman who they definitely need on their team. Which shows that her role is vital to the success of any team she is apart of. She is a winner in every way and has inspired me more than she will ever know. 
Thank you Judge Micheal for breaking barriers and being a refelction of what I want to be: a phenomenal woman, yeah that is ME.❤️


Vision Accomplished

Took sometime to refelct on the vision I have set for myself this year. I will say I felt more connected to this experience. The vision board party was a success! My friend gave us all smaller boards which allowed me to be very mindful of the images I laid out. Some of the themes for me were as follows:
Intimacy: When we are able to become intimate with that special someone we create understanding which then yields LOVE. It is a very scared and special thing shared between two individuals. It is the ability to be touched without being physically touched but more of a mental connection. I bring into my life Intimacy.
Stay The Path: We are all on our designed path. No ones journey looks and feels the same. We may experience more turns, detours and longer roads before we reach our exit. No matter what, we must trust in the Lord and stay the course. I will Stay The Path.
To Live: We all know that to live far exceeds just being able to breathe but it is to experience. We must make everyday a celebration of living. Do not wait for your birthday to get excited about life. Your excitement begins now. Create your excitement today. Book a trip for no reason, get in your car and drive to a city you have never been or grab your girls and sign up for pole dancing classes. I will continue to not just exist but to Live.
Stay In the Praise of Strong Women: This one is a mouthful but oh so necessary. We have all heard the phrase , “You are as good as your team” , “Birds of a feather flock together” . I think it is important to build and surroun yourself with a team of strong, confident, ambitious, God-fearing women. You can learn so much about each other and yourself. I know that every woman I am surrounded by as brought light and peace into my life and for that I am grateful. The vision board party is a clear example of what strength looks like. Every woman in the room brought a different aroma to the space leaving behind a sweetness that could not be found in the most expensive bottle of perfume. I will continue to surround myself with strong women.
Those are just a few of the seeds that have been planted into my soul for this year. I plan on watering and giving light to this harvest so that it can grow in abundance. It will take a lot of prayer, faith, patience and LOVE but I know it will all be worth the wait. ❤️
What are some things you have sown into your soul for this new season?  


See The Vision, Be The Vision

I hope the new year is finding you in great spirits so far! A new season yields new experiences, new memories and more LOVE! So to kick off the year, my friend is hosting a Vision Board Party. I am looking forward to this I must say. Why? Because it allows for you to bring to life all the things you would like to come to fruition. Your hopes, dreams, goals and the desires of your heart.   
Seeing the vision makes it feel like the things you want are more attainable. The last time I completed one was on the eve of my 30th. Was I purposeful in asking the universe what I wanted? Did I just throw a bunch of images on this board to make it look pretty? Was I intentional? Was I really connected to the exercise? Was the board a representation of me? 

What is your vision? What are the things that bring you clarity? To have vision is to have purpose and to work towards those things every day. It is a physical, spiritual and mental journey.


See the vision and be the vision. 

Tonight, I look forward to great conversations, good company and glasses of champagne! I will share with you all my vision board once it is complete. Stay tuned!❤️


Twenty “Sweet” Sixteen

We are two days into the new year and let me tell you, it feels GREAT!
I really can’t describe this feeling but it is like I have a rush of butterflies fluttering around in my heart. Something just feels different. Maybe I am different. I think I have such a better understanding of who I am and what my purpose is on this earth. I have a strong core of friends and family that I love dearly. I have done a good job at screening what needs to stay and what needs to go out of my life. So my theme for this year is: Investment. Consider yourself the ultimate investment. If you do this, you will be careful to choose who and what you give you’re time to.

Make sure that you are becoming richer as a result of of the investment. You are growing in your friendships, personal and professional relationships and even in conversations. Yes, a conversation is the sharing of ideas and thoughts and words that takes place with at least one person. What we hear and listen to has an impact on how we feel. Our mental and personal health is also vital and should be strengthened, conditioned and restored on a daily basis. It is vital that we look to receiving the best product of ourselves. This all happens by what we invest in.

This year I want you to make smarter decisions in what you invest in.


If it does not make you grow, Let It Go.


Take more chances, make better financial choices, see another part of the world, eliminate fear from your heart and trust in the Father up above.

Believe in LOVE and know that your special someone is coming.

Cheers to Love, Life and the continued pursuit of happiness! ❤️