See The Vision, Be The Vision

I hope the new year is finding you in great spirits so far! A new season yields new experiences, new memories and more LOVE! So to kick off the year, my friend is hosting a Vision Board Party. I am looking forward to this I must say. Why? Because it allows for you to bring to life all the things you would like to come to fruition. Your hopes, dreams, goals and the desires of your heart.   
Seeing the vision makes it feel like the things you want are more attainable. The last time I completed one was on the eve of my 30th. Was I purposeful in asking the universe what I wanted? Did I just throw a bunch of images on this board to make it look pretty? Was I intentional? Was I really connected to the exercise? Was the board a representation of me? 

What is your vision? What are the things that bring you clarity? To have vision is to have purpose and to work towards those things every day. It is a physical, spiritual and mental journey.


See the vision and be the vision. 

Tonight, I look forward to great conversations, good company and glasses of champagne! I will share with you all my vision board once it is complete. Stay tuned!❤️


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