Give Mondays Some Love

Hello Monday, we meet again. I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this day but lets take the time to recognize the beauty in Mondays:
1. Restart– We might not have had the best week last week. Today is the day to get back into the game, shake off last weeks shortcomings. We get to view the week with a shaper lense and a clearer focus.
2. New Goals– There is something that we are trying to attain or do better at. Monday allows for you to attack some new goals and get your “things to do”list together. “New Week, New Goals”.
3. Gratitude– We should give thanks for everyday but especially for Mondays. If you are in a profession that you currently love you are given an opportunity to breathe new life into your career. You career should excite you and get you energized. Give thanks for stepping into your workplace for another week. There are so many people who will not be earning a check or are stuck in a place where they are very miserable. 

Those are my top 3 reasons why My Mondays are the new Friday!! Make your Monday a Beautiful One! ❤️ 

Another Day, More Love

Yes today is Valentine’s Day, or what I like to call, “Love Day”. This is a day for us to just LOVE who we are, those around us and for having LOVE in our hearts. 
I never get bogged down or sad because I may be boo-less or not with a significant other. I think you create the life and LOVE you want. Ladies don’t start throwing yourself a pity party and start throwing subs on social media about being single. Let the couples have their day! Why wouldn’t you want to see LOVE being shared among others and being expressed in many ways?


Are you looking for something to do? 
This is just another day to Spoil Yourself. Get dressed up, put on your favorite lipstick and step into the day. Write love notes to your friends and family, send a distant friend an e-card, create a “Love ” Playlist and sing your heart out. Watch one of your favorite movies with a nice bottle of wine or curl up with a new book while sipping on some chai tea or whatever your drink of beverage is! 
I mean the choices are endless! Don’t let anyone make you feel less than for not having a “Valentine”. You have power over your thoughts and feelings. If someone on the job is making you feel uncomfortable for being “single”, put your headphones in and turn up your favorite tune. 

No matter how you look at this day, remember it is another day for LOVE. Give thanks for the gift of life which is truly the highest example of LOVE. Celebrate the LOVE for yourself today, tomorrow and always! ❤️