Settling Will Never Be An Option

 My friends have done a great job of keeping LOVE alive. Within a matter of 3 weeks, three of my friends have accepted the invitation of spending the rest of their lives with their partners. This has got to be one of those life altering decisions for a person. It’s all fun and games until we say “I Do”. This is forever. No turning back. You are moving into a commitment of eternity. A commitment that is rooted in understanding, friendship and respect. It is a connection that has been protected by God who has shielded it from any hate, toxicity and negativity. 

My girlfriends have made it very hard for me to settle. They’re living examples of what patience, keeping the faith, and what LOVE looks like. It’s about taking a risk and moving out of your comfort zone. It’s about being there for your partner when he/she hits rock bottom. It’s about allowing each other to become individuals and grow into your true self before becoming one. There is no way I could think about being with just anybody. I deserve to have the LOVE that lives to my standards. The LOVE that is endless, forgiving, selfless, endearing and genuine.


When I received the image of their latest diamond accessory decorating their finger a part of me felt like I had just been proposed to. I felt a sudden rush of excitement fill my heart. Smiling and screaming hysterically as if we had finished the race of LOVE together. To witness love up close and be on the journey with my girls is truly a blessing.

 I want to thank all of the couples who continue to set the bar high. Thank you for being a reminder for me to never stop believing no matter how long it takes. “The LOVE worth having will never come easy, but it will be definitely worth the wait”❤️

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