I Needed the Detour     

Happy Thursday Beautiful People! Wanted to share some light with you this morning. So my commute this morning did not go as smooth as I expected. I was detoured, relocated, put off track due to some investigation on the train line. I was heavily frustrated, angered and wanted to head back home. I was asked to leave the platform, forced to brave the elements of getting to work using an alternate route. Doing this with a bunch of New Yorkers was quite a challenge. If you know one thing about New Yorkers, their patience is non existent. As I waited for the bus the crowd started getting larger and the pushing to get on a bus began. As much as I wanted to fight my way on the first bus I saw, I started to think about my safety. Was it worth it? Getting injured by a fellow commuter to get on a bus? What was the point? I was already late for work. So I did what some thought unimaginable: I waited. Eventually, a bus came by empty ready to load passengers on. With a little shove and wiggling of myself , I got on the bus. Why am I sharing my morning commute? “Whatever will be for you will not pass you by”. Sometimes there are detours and disruptions put in our way for reasons beyond our control. Maybe it was destined for me to take a longer route to work. If we keep calm, say a little prayer, things will always work itself out. I might be late going to work but I think about all I have to be thankful for: my health, being able to enjoy this lovely day, have an opportunity to enjoy the scenic route and have the ability to write about this experience. Just another example of the beauty that lies in the struggle.❤️

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