Consistency is LOVE

These past few weeks have been fulfilling. Not to say I haven’t felt filled up before. There has been the presence of someone new. He has been a very pleasant surprise and has added an element of excitement, intrigue and adventure. What stands out the most is his consistency. The one thing I have seen other men grapple with he does effortlessly. After seeing each other’s profiles via a dating site, we soon exchanged contact information and as they saying goes, “the rest is history”. We have not missed one day of talking with each other.
When I say talk I mean we have phone conversations. He never misses a “Good Morning” text followed by a “How did you sleep?” message. He has really shown up in ways I have not seen exhibited by a man in a long time. Consistency is not only key but it is also a form of LOVE. For someone to consider you in their day shows how important you are to them. It’s like we have picked up our own rhythm and know how to follow the beat. Not only are the calls and messages consistent but the in person interactions are as well. We plan dates and so far has he not taken a raincheck on one. Seeing me has become apart of his agenda and it feels good to get checked off his “things-to-do list” everytine.
I am thanking God for allowing such a presence to enter my spirit. All the things I have been blogging about are beginning to surface. I am looking forward to this new journey in my life. Looks like LOVE could be on the horizon, stay tuned. ❤️

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