Season of Beginnings

I know I know it’s been awhile. My apologies to all my readers. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, soaking up this beautiful weather and taking in some good ol fashioned Vitamin D. So there has been a new addition made to my life and I am pretty happy about it. 

That “connection” I made with that special someone I spoke of in my last piece has now become my boyfriend. Wow, still getting use to that word, “boyfriend”. He asked me out a couple of weeks when we connected back in May. I must say the journey thus far has been nice.
 His consistency is refreshing. I can recall the countless Times when I use to wonder if I guy would call me back or respond to my text message. With him, there is no wonder. He reminds me every day how beautiful and amazing I am. Not to say I didn’t know this before but hearing it does make me feel good. 
He is invested in making our relationship work. He lets me know of the plans he has in store for us and he has introduced me to the people he holds close in his heart. He has also taken the time out to start building a rapport with my parents. He has shown me that he is here to build and not to bullshit. 
Last thing I wanted to point out is his spiritual connection. When we eat together and say grace it turns into a mini prayer session. This to me is a very intimate and powerful component to our relationship. To witness a man directly giving thanks to our God above, eyes closed, head bowed and speaking with such conviction is truly a blessing. He has stated he wants to find a church home and that being in the Lord’s house is very important. I don’t know about you but this for me seals the relationship. Knowing the role God plays in our lives as well as in our relationships is a concept I don’t feel a lot of men understand.  
To anyone who has been reading my blog over the years I want you to know that keeping the faith and not settling for anything less is what lead me to this point. This blessing was brought into my life because God felt it was my time, my moment and my season. Always remember to trust the timing of your life. Your LOVE is around the corner. ❤️

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