Being Petty Isn’t Pretty 

My beautiful and educated women of color, don’t take this personal, but we need to do better.

Yes Im talking to you. The one reading this who is currently mad at her colleague because she has more curves than you. The woman who is upset at the attention she is receiving from male colleagues. The woman who is mad because her hair extensions are longer. The woman who takes everything that is being said personal. The woman who is angry, bitter and miserable: This Is For You.

 Stop praising your “petty” behavior and start seeking clinical support for your actions. It is not attractive, “cute” or becoming. Hurt people only hurt people and will continue to perpetuate a cycle that will infect the world. You wanna raise a Queen, learn how to wear the crown first. 
This piece is personal for me because of the catty behavior I continue to witness by women of color at my job. I really hope that one day we can stop internalizing the behaviors of others and start being held accountable for the nasty things we say and do to other women. 

The world is already tough. Being a woman and one of color comes with a multitude of challenges. Let’s create more unity, peace and be the example we want to see in the world. ❤

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