Rollercoaster Ride

New year, new beginnings and a new relationship. 6 months in and things have been quite a journey to say the least. A rollercoaster filled with loops and sharp turns, taking us to the highest of heights to the lowest of lows. Sounds pretty much like life right? I mean isn’t that what relationships are about? To be with that person that takes you on the ride of your life? As long as you two are strapped in, wearing your protective gear everything will be alright. Right?

I have come to a standstill on this ride. Not sure if we will continue together or continue apart. Things seemed to be moving seamlessly until life started throwing obstacles our way. Me, I can take on pretty much anything. I have matured, have grown as a woman and I continue to strengthen my walk with God. But for my boyfriend his strength has become questionable. Strength is not measured only by your physical ability but also by your mental and emotional abilities as well. The most difficult thing to understand is that my boyfriend waves the God Fearing flag in my face all day long but when it comes to putting all that faith into practice, it is NOWHERE to be found. I need someone who is willing to not just talk about the goodness of the Lord but who also believes he is real. He will persevere, know that he can overcome any trial put forth because God will never give him more than he can bare. He will get knocked down but he will dust himself off and get right back up again. My boyfriend has met life with some challenges and his inability to bounce back is eye opening. I mean he has climbed into a hole, disconnected from the outside world and has put up a wall so high that even if I was given the world’s biggest ladder I still couldn’t reach him. We haven’t even gone through the hardest things yet. He says marriage is what he wants but I don’t know if he even knows what that even means or what that road looks like.

What I do know for sure is that I need to continue living and LOVING life. This moment, this minute I will never get back again. I am not about to sign up to become a member of the “Pity Party Organization” or the “Woe Is Me Coalition ”. Negative energy is draining and will suck the life out of you if you let it. So I’m going to continue to enjoy the ride even if I’m on it by myself. For I know the plans God has for my life and LOVE will forever be in my heart and on the horizon.♥️

2 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Ride

  1. Keyona S. says:

    Love how transparent you are. It’s agood thing that you realize he’s not practicing what he preaches, which is a huge red flag. I hope he realizes this and changes that behavior. If not, I pray you find someone who not only preaches, but practices as well. Many blessings to you as always.

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    • MoonChild19 says:

      Thanks Key! Yes this was difficult to write. But it was necessary for me to share and be as transparent. It’s therapeutic for me. Thank you for the well wishes! I agree with you wholeheartedly !! #GodsPlan🙏🏾


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