Grow Your Garden

It was a month ago this day I never imagined it would be my last engagement with him. A month ago we exchanged our last laughs, shared how our day went and got caught up with plotting events and trips that we were never going to take.

You see everyone wants a garden but no one wants to take care of it. It take more than just laying the seeds down and covering it up with the soil. You have to water it, make sure it’s given adequate light, remove and debris or weeds that might start growing around it. You need to be an active participant in your garden. Think about how you feel when you see your flowers start to bloom, the bright vivid colors that stare back at you. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Relationships equate to a garden. I realize not everyone is ready to get their hands dirty and put the work in to seeing things grow. That doesn’t make them bad people, they’re just not meant for you. That is why I walked away. I decided that I am committed to seeing growth for my garden. I know that my garden requires a special kind of LOVE and attention that I will not waver on for anyone. I might have LOVED you but I LOVE me sooo much more. ♥️

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