“We Make Plans, God Laughs”

I know that this piece should greet everyone with good vibes because the weather we were waiting for is finally here. Summer calls for picnics in the park, music and food festivals, good ol fashioned BBQ’s and trips to the beach. Something about this season puts everyone in a good mood.

Living in NYC, I have the pleasure of witnessing the sounds of children laughing and playing in the park and the locals have occupied the sidewalks with their impromptu mini BBQ’s that turn out to be a reunion for the neighborhood. It’s always a favorite season because my birthday happens to fall right in the middle of this summer goodness. My Jesus Year has been filled with so many twists, turns, detours, highs and lows. But I am thankful for all of it.

I won’t downplay the opportunity I have been presented with which is to finally step into my role as a School Psychologist. I finished up my first year in a new school district and it has been such an incredible experience. I have learned so much in this field and I feel I can take myself to the next level. But as one part of my life elevates, the breaks have been put on yet another part: the LOVE part.

About 6 weeks ago things came to a halt with the man I found myself to be doing “forever” with. I often would question the events that take place when it comes to this LOVE journey but I have decided to no longer do so. His presence taught me a lot and it just sharpens my insight, awareness on what I look for in my “forever” mate. The bad started to outweigh the good and his hold on the relationship slowly started to loosen up. He no longer wanted to stay in the battle and fight for us. Turns out that I was in this relationship fighting by myself. Relationships are going to be tested in more ways than one. I mean you will go through some very uncomfortable moments but at the end of day it’s all worth it. Right? No one ever said it would be easy let alone the road to forever. I mean how could we be thankful for the sun if we never experienced the rain? But here I am, on the heels of my 34th (7/19) and I couldn’t be more happier. Another beautiful thing that has come out of my Jesus year is me finding a therapist. Yes, I have been in therapy for a couple of months now. We gotta do that internal work if we wanna continue to vibrate higher. I never realized how therapeutic releasing could truly be. So far my sessions have been great and it probably has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself to date.

Life continues to show me how much we will never be in control and we just need to hold on tight for this ride. In the meantime continue to bask in LOVE, live in Light and keep Laughing. ♥️