Nice & Slow

He said, “Let’s just take things nice and slow”…

And for the first time in my life, I must admit, those words felt comforting like a being wrapped up in a warm blanket on the coldest day. Me, I know nothing about taking things slow, it’s always a rush to get to the next level. But as I have learned over time, “haste makes waste”. So maybe it’s time to try something new. Try a different approach: Go nice and slow.

I am fully aware of how old I am (34) and the pressure society has put on me to settle down, be married, have kids, etc. I mean according to society I should be working on my 3 child by because my eggs are slowly leaving my body. But I’m marching to the own beat of my drum. I am in such a good space with myself. I am really allowing for God to take me through this journey. He hasn’t failed me yet and I know there are more lessons for me to learn along the way to LOVE. I look forward to coffee shop meetups in a bookstore, where we can connect on a literature level. I want to be taken to all the tea shops in NYC and open up my pallet to different herbs and blends. I want to laugh like really hard for no reason. I want to be who I am and not be misunderstood. I want you to challenge me but don’t try to change me. I want my eyes to light up when I see your text messages coming through my phone. I want things to be light hearted, and fun because let’s face it, we are living in a really unstable and terrifying climate. So for right now, nice and slow sounds like the best medication the doctor could have ever ordered. ♥️

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