6 Months Later

       Good Morning and Greetings my fellow followers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a piece to the blog and put something down for all to see. But I believe its about time. First off, I wanna wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I hope that this time of year brings you closer to family and loved ones.
        So as you all know I am currently in a relationship. We are in the 6th month of this journey and let me tell you this has not been easy. I never knew how much work is really required to making a relationship stay alive. It takes and incredible amount of understanding, compromise, respect and patience. I will say that I have matured in many ways during this process. It has allowed me to look at something bigger than myself. I do realize that no matter how much you become connected with your partner you should never forget about yourself. Never forget about the goals you need to accomplish. It is important to have a moment of clarity. I know that being very reflective and self aware will make me a better individual and a better partner. 

     God is really the plug which ignites the power into my relationship. I think being with my boyfriend has made me realize how much HE needs to be present! My boyfriend came into this relationship wanting a deeper connection with God. It wasn’t something forced on him, it wasn’t something I had to beg and plead with him to do. It was very natural and organic. When I heard him continuing to echo the need to be in the Lord’s house months later I knew he was for real. He has in turned deepened my want and need to be in HIS house. It is because of God we have continued to believe in building our foundation. Having patience and staying in prayer has kept me continuing this journey. I have come to learn that a power couple is a praying couple. I embrace the power of patience and prayer on my LOVE journey.
       I wish you all peace, LOVE and Light this season. Always remember: “What God protects no man can destroy”. ❤️

In Praise of Strong Women

I can’t stress enough the power of women. Not just any kind of women but strong women. Women who are goal diggers, movement shakers, spiritual warriors and who are making history. What a blessing is it to know women of this caliber? I must say that I am blessed to be in the presence of these kind of women. I have the pleasure of knowing authors, business owners, certified personal trainers, clinicians, lawyers and educators just to name a few.  

You see a strong woman can only make you stronger. Their testimony can give you insight, sharpen your vision and bring you a sense of peace. Strong women are those who are transparent, honest and not afraid to lay their cards out on the table. They are taking on leadership roles in their careers while slowly closing the gender gap. We are shattering the “glass ceiling”. We have taken on jobs equivalent to the men. We are the “heart” of the home: the nurturers, the protectors and the lovers.

We are taking our ideas and talents and have decided to share it with the world. Our ability to make money has far exceeded the “9-5” shift. We are a force to be reckoned with and we are making our presence felt in this world. Today let a woman know she’s worthy, she’s a warrior and she’s winning. ❤️

Our Black Is Beautiful

As I was closing out my day I ran into an employee who seemed to be pretty saddened. Getting ready to put my finger on the elevator button, she stopped me and said, “Our youth are in trouble, especially our girls”. From my work with youth I knew this statement to be true. 
Society has made it very hard for young people to be comfortable in their own skin. She went on to tell me that she asked one of our high school students what did she want to be when she grows up and her response was heartbreaking. The young girl stated she wanted to be light skinned. Not a doctor, dancer or a teacher. Not a cosmetologist, social worker or a lawyer. The young girl aspires to have lighter skin. What are we doing as as society that makes a young girl decide to tamper with her skin color? Where are her parents kissing and hugging her letting her know her skin is beautiful? What images is she being exposed to to make her feel otherwise?

We have to do a better job at letting our kids know that beauty comes in all shades. We need to be involved in what conversations our young girls are having with their peers. Social media has become a very harsh and negative impact on how beauty is perceived. We have to be mindful of the images that penetrate the hearts and minds of our young girls. We need to celebrate their size, shape and various skin tones every chance we get.

 Before we can begin to LOVE anyone, we have to start with ourselves. If we don’t start doing this, we will only continue to breed a world of self-hate which can lead to more harmful actions. To anyone who is reading this, please share, educate, enlighten and encourage our young girls to LOVE the skin their in. ❤️

New Year: Thirty Deuce

  1. So along side a special someone coming into my life, this summer I celebrated my birthday. This is also something I look forward to this season . A celebration of birth is like hitting the reset button on your life. Its your personal “new year”. Set new goals you want to obtain for yourself. I always have enjoyed celebrating my birthday. Now that I have reached the age of 32 (ThirtyDeuce) there are some “major keys”🔑🔑🔑 I wanted to share with you all.
    🔑1. What you put out is what you shall receive. 

I didn’t fully believe this until this year. I am constantly reminded of the person I am through the ppl I surround myself with. Not only are they good to me but they are directly an extension of me. The love and the appreciation I was shown for my birthday was more than I expected. It started with a couple of my girlfriends taking a wine tasting tour with me in the Hamptons. (If you haven’t done a wine stating tour, I suggest you do one before the season is over!) From my students getting out of their classrooms to make it to my office to send me a warm greeting to my coworkers laying out a huge spread of caribbean food with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I have always been a fan of LOVE and I truly believe the best way to receive that is how you treat others.

🔑2. LOVE Yourself

What you listen to, what you read and what you eat can make an impact on yourself. You show LOVE to yourself by what you allow to take up space in your heart, mind and body. I have learned that taking the time to nourish, cultivate and feed every part of you will automatically lead to a better you. How do you talk to yourself? Are you using positive words of affirmation? Do you spend time looking at your reflection ? Taking in the beautiful being God has created? If you have not done so yet I suggest you get a head start. Remember to LOVE another is to first LOVE yourself.

🔑3. Have Faith & Keep The Faith

Yes. Yes. And Yes. I cannot stress this point enough. Having faith is so crucial to our everyday existence. We live in a world that is unknown, unforeseeable and

our path uncharted. I believe that the Lord is truly our flashlight throughout life. He is the one who sharpens our vision and He knows when to brighten our light. Believe that everything your going through is preparing you for your next step, your next phase, your new chapter. Grab your faith like you do your favorite shade of lipstick and never let it go.

May these keys be a blessing to you as they are for me and take you into your next steps in life. For all those who have a birthday coming up, I wish you a Happy Rebirth and New Year!!❤️

Season of Beginnings

I know I know it’s been awhile. My apologies to all my readers. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, soaking up this beautiful weather and taking in some good ol fashioned Vitamin D. So there has been a new addition made to my life and I am pretty happy about it. 

That “connection” I made with that special someone I spoke of in my last piece has now become my boyfriend. Wow, still getting use to that word, “boyfriend”. He asked me out a couple of weeks when we connected back in May. I must say the journey thus far has been nice.
 His consistency is refreshing. I can recall the countless Times when I use to wonder if I guy would call me back or respond to my text message. With him, there is no wonder. He reminds me every day how beautiful and amazing I am. Not to say I didn’t know this before but hearing it does make me feel good. 
He is invested in making our relationship work. He lets me know of the plans he has in store for us and he has introduced me to the people he holds close in his heart. He has also taken the time out to start building a rapport with my parents. He has shown me that he is here to build and not to bullshit. 
Last thing I wanted to point out is his spiritual connection. When we eat together and say grace it turns into a mini prayer session. This to me is a very intimate and powerful component to our relationship. To witness a man directly giving thanks to our God above, eyes closed, head bowed and speaking with such conviction is truly a blessing. He has stated he wants to find a church home and that being in the Lord’s house is very important. I don’t know about you but this for me seals the relationship. Knowing the role God plays in our lives as well as in our relationships is a concept I don’t feel a lot of men understand.  
To anyone who has been reading my blog over the years I want you to know that keeping the faith and not settling for anything less is what lead me to this point. This blessing was brought into my life because God felt it was my time, my moment and my season. Always remember to trust the timing of your life. Your LOVE is around the corner. ❤️

Consistency is LOVE

These past few weeks have been fulfilling. Not to say I haven’t felt filled up before. There has been the presence of someone new. He has been a very pleasant surprise and has added an element of excitement, intrigue and adventure. What stands out the most is his consistency. The one thing I have seen other men grapple with he does effortlessly. After seeing each other’s profiles via a dating site, we soon exchanged contact information and as they saying goes, “the rest is history”. We have not missed one day of talking with each other.
When I say talk I mean we have phone conversations. He never misses a “Good Morning” text followed by a “How did you sleep?” message. He has really shown up in ways I have not seen exhibited by a man in a long time. Consistency is not only key but it is also a form of LOVE. For someone to consider you in their day shows how important you are to them. It’s like we have picked up our own rhythm and know how to follow the beat. Not only are the calls and messages consistent but the in person interactions are as well. We plan dates and so far has he not taken a raincheck on one. Seeing me has become apart of his agenda and it feels good to get checked off his “things-to-do list” everytine.
I am thanking God for allowing such a presence to enter my spirit. All the things I have been blogging about are beginning to surface. I am looking forward to this new journey in my life. Looks like LOVE could be on the horizon, stay tuned. ❤️

I Needed the Detour     

Happy Thursday Beautiful People! Wanted to share some light with you this morning. So my commute this morning did not go as smooth as I expected. I was detoured, relocated, put off track due to some investigation on the train line. I was heavily frustrated, angered and wanted to head back home. I was asked to leave the platform, forced to brave the elements of getting to work using an alternate route. Doing this with a bunch of New Yorkers was quite a challenge. If you know one thing about New Yorkers, their patience is non existent. As I waited for the bus the crowd started getting larger and the pushing to get on a bus began. As much as I wanted to fight my way on the first bus I saw, I started to think about my safety. Was it worth it? Getting injured by a fellow commuter to get on a bus? What was the point? I was already late for work. So I did what some thought unimaginable: I waited. Eventually, a bus came by empty ready to load passengers on. With a little shove and wiggling of myself , I got on the bus. Why am I sharing my morning commute? “Whatever will be for you will not pass you by”. Sometimes there are detours and disruptions put in our way for reasons beyond our control. Maybe it was destined for me to take a longer route to work. If we keep calm, say a little prayer, things will always work itself out. I might be late going to work but I think about all I have to be thankful for: my health, being able to enjoy this lovely day, have an opportunity to enjoy the scenic route and have the ability to write about this experience. Just another example of the beauty that lies in the struggle.❤️