A Woman’s Work

You know a woman’s value is unmatched. Her purpose in this world couldn’t even be put into words. She is a child bearer: a creator of life. She is a nurturer that provides care to her children. She is intuitive, creating a bond that has been sealed in LOVE and strength.

She holds the weight of the world on her shoulders serving as the backbone for her family. No matter how heavy the load for her delicate back she is expected to stand up right showing no signs of weakness.

She is expected to look her best, wearing clothing that contour to her body showing off her voluptuous curves. Her lipstick traces the shape of her lips which hold the sweet words she uses to encourage her man in tough times. 

How different life would be without the presence of a woman? Before you spit out words of disrespect and slander against this precious jewel, think about the role she plays in your life. Before you decide to step out and have an affair and destroy the foundation you have built remember she is responsible for breathing life into your children. Before you think of putting a hand on her and inflicting her with pain, know that she is a reflection of your mother, aunts, sister and any woman you hold with stature. 

So take a moment  to honor, respect, cherish and appreciate  a woman’s work. For without her LOVE could never exist.❤️

6 months later

6 months and over 2,000 views later so much had changed.

My vision has sharpened. My expectations for life have heightened. Turning 30 feels and looks great. I found my voice through words and I have fallen more in LOVE with myself.


This blog was developed in August, 2014 when I was in a great deal of frustration, embarrassment and disbelief. Instead of dealing with my issues in a different way, I decided to create this platform thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend.


I must say this has been one of my best accomplishments to date. To think that I have the ability to create all these pieces and have the courage to share what’s in my heart is pretty amazing. I thank everyone and anyone who has decided to follow me on my journey, who leaves comments on my posts and who are just inspired overall. Writing is a form of self expression that captures raw and pure emotion and I am happy to be apart of this community that celebrates “soul writing”.


Through my blog, I will continue to give all my readers only quality level pieces that will connect to what it means to LOVE and LOVE unconditionally. I hope my words lead you to compassion, patience and understanding.


Always remember, “Until we know what it is to love ourselves we won’t know what it is to LOVE one another”. ❤️

Fast, Give, Prepare and Pray


As today marks the beginning of Lent, I hope that you all will take this time to refrain from the things you cling to the most. The things you tell yourself you can’t live without. The things that consume you’re being or occupy most of your time.

Sometimes we have to learn to be away from things for a while so we can appreciate them a little more. There is an assignment, an internal project that we need take care of that we have put off for way too long. Like the saying goes, “There’s no time like the present”.

Lent in my opinion, Is a time to remain in prayer, align yourself closer with God and become more in tuned spiritually. You can take this time to clean up your character and reflect on your actions. Sometimes we fall off track and lose our balance. Take this time to find your center. Rid yourself from the toxins that clutter your mind body and soul.

For this Lenten season, I have decided to abstain from the use of social media (except for blogging) as well as the consumption of chips. Yes chips are like the best thing to me since slice bread, this shall be a challenge. I know there will be some temptations but I shall remain steadfast to the task and focused.

I wish you all the best during this season of lent. Let us eat well, let us pray without ceasing and let us LOVE ourselves and each other completely. ❤️