6 months later

6 months and over 2,000 views later so much had changed.

My vision has sharpened. My expectations for life have heightened. Turning 30 feels and looks great. I found my voice through words and I have fallen more in LOVE with myself.


This blog was developed in August, 2014 when I was in a great deal of frustration, embarrassment and disbelief. Instead of dealing with my issues in a different way, I decided to create this platform thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend.


I must say this has been one of my best accomplishments to date. To think that I have the ability to create all these pieces and have the courage to share what’s in my heart is pretty amazing. I thank everyone and anyone who has decided to follow me on my journey, who leaves comments on my posts and who are just inspired overall. Writing is a form of self expression that captures raw and pure emotion and I am happy to be apart of this community that celebrates “soul writing”.


Through my blog, I will continue to give all my readers only quality level pieces that will connect to what it means to LOVE and LOVE unconditionally. I hope my words lead you to compassion, patience and understanding.


Always remember, “Until we know what it is to love ourselves we won’t know what it is to LOVE one another”. ❤️

Feelings Going Up

I can’t begin to put into words the feeling you give me.

It’s captivating, motivating, thirst quenching, soul shaking and never ending.

You have awakened in me what I thought was dead, deserted, and gone. But should I get comfortable? I mean should I start to get familiar with this feeling? You opened me up to a new world that I don’t ever want to come out of. So are you here to stay?

The walls I have built are slowly coming down..

Brick by Brick..

Layer by Layer..

I think I’m ready to make this feeling last forever. It excites me, moves me and has gotten the best of me. I want to thank you for bringing this new light into my life.

Now seal this feeling with one of your warm kisses on this cold Tuesday night so I can go to sleep and quickly wake up to this feeling again. ❤️

To Be Married? or To Be In Love?


A topic I was asked to speak about is being married vs. being in LOVE.

First off let me start off with saying my family is West Indian. This may not be applicable to all West Indian homes but I believe there is some validity in what I’m about to speak about.

With that being said, there are high expectations for their children. Education, Career and Marriage are at the top of the list and in that order. But what about the LOVE? That’s an element that’s not really pushed. You see a man, you guys are dating, shortly after he is expected to put a ring on it. But what if he is not the one? And God forbid you and this gentlemen get real busy on night which leads to an unexpected pregnancy. Telling your West Indian parent will be one of the hardest things you will have to do. Questions of marriage will surely arise and the pressure will be on to tie the knot.

Will the relationship have a chance to last? When do we begin to find LOVE in this relationship? Have we become just a business arrangement? Is it easier for your West Indian parents explain to your other family members and friends there is now a union that exists? But then we are missing the whole point of what it is to Love and be in LOVE.

I don’t want to be rushed into marriage nor into LOVE. I want a LOVE that is natural and pure that grows over time. Society has made it so hard for us to even see marriage in an honest light. The marriage becomes terminated before it even begins and now you’re left with dealing with lawyers, paperwork and filing for divorce. You and your once “husband” are no longer on speaking terms and you have to explain to your child why “daddy” is no longer living at home.

Marriage should be treated the same way as LOVE: It’s Forever. Do not go into a situation trying to appease your family or friends. For you will always end up last and will spend countless years full of regret, resentment and heartbreak. Choose your LOVE carefully and it will yield a fruitful Marriage one day. ❤️

Vibe With Me


I’m all about a good vibe. You know that kind of vibe that needs no introduction. It just flows, it has it’s own movement, rhythm, and beat. You can feel the vibrations through your body. It takes over your whole being. It’s delightful, refreshing and beautiful. You hate to be away from it because it completes you. It gives you a sense of security, comfort and warmth. It’s a feeling that can’t be duplicated or eliminated. You either give good vibes or you don’t. It’s a different kind of energy that fills you up, keeps you focused and always leaves you wanting more. ❤️


Before I Let You Go

Relax. Relate. Release. Make a conscious effort to unwind, turn the lights off and take in the darkness around you. Be in your zone . Reflect on the day. Write your “things to do list”. Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Give praises to the man upstairs for another opportunity at life, liberty and most importantly : LOVE. ❤️

Frequent Flyer Love


Travel. Explore. Make love to the world.

Wake up to the sun shining on your face. Be filled with the sounds of the ocean. Take in the sounds of the accents spoken by the natives. We often spend most of our time waking up in the same city and same state. We need to step out the comfort of our time zones and into foreign territory.

How can we expect to connect, LOVE and grow if we don’t have an appreciation for other cultures? It is imperative that we experience how other people live and what makes them unique.

Traveling renews our spirit, feeds our soul and clears your mind. Do yourself a favor: pick a country, book a ticket and make LOVE to the world. 🌏❤️

Soul Ties

You will never have to question what’s for you. You’ll never have to think twice about your soulmate. He will be waiting for you. His arms outstretched, his heart open wide, waiting to be engulfed by yours. Your souls will unite creating an everlasting bond. A bond so strong sealed with God’s LOVE. He will make you realize why it never worked with anyone else. He will never let you go and he will profess it to the world. There will come a day he will kneel down before you asking you to spend the rest of your life with him. Be patient. Trust God. Your soulmate is near.❤️