Take Care Of Your Garden

“It’s just not my time yet”. Over the years, I have come to the realization that life doesn’t operate on our time, but on HIS time.🙌 Have we really considered that there’s more for us to learn? More for us to experience?
We are given this time to ourselves to harvest our personal garden. We become so consumed by the forces around us. So what does that mean for our garden? It becomes abandoned, dry and unkept. Lacking the proper nutrients to keep it sustained. If we spend so much time worrying about another person’s garden ours will sure whither away. How could we say we are preparing ourselves for that right person when we won’t take responsibility for what’s in our backyard? As a result we force ourselves to fit into situations that haven’t been molded for us. It’s like a square forcing himself into a circle: it just won’t work.
When we find that special LOVE, it becomes the pieces to our missing puzzle. The LOVE has been constructed in a way that all the pieces fall right into place. It won’t present a challenge to put together. It will be a smooth transition. By this time, our personal garden will be full of life, fortified and ready to withstand the elements of the world: Not easily uprooted.
So take this time to nurture and water your garden: Your LOVE will find it’s way. ❤️