Father’s Day Feelings

Today is the day where we honor the men who have carried the title as “Father” but not in the name but in action. It makes me sad that so many people do not have a relationship with their Father’s. This day isn’t as highly publicized as mother’s day. Why the imbalance?
In my opinion a lot of men run away, turn their back on the responsibility of raising their children. One night stands with women, being financially unfit, and some still in “Peter Pan” mode. It is a hard burden for one parent to bear. I don’t like to consider Mother’s as Father’s for the role played is very different.
I want to take this time to admire and celebrate my Father as well as others for being there, being present, being a rock, providing support and for being the glue to keep households together. I commend those who have reunited later on in the lives of the children trying to make it right. I want to also send LOVE to Father’s who have been taken from this earth way too soon. You have become the guardian angels watching over your children.
Refrain from the bashing, and hate for today and send positive vibes to those you know who do an awesome job at being a Father! Happy Father’s Day to you All! ❤️