Feelings Going Up

I can’t begin to put into words the feeling you give me.

It’s captivating, motivating, thirst quenching, soul shaking and never ending.

You have awakened in me what I thought was dead, deserted, and gone. But should I get comfortable? I mean should I start to get familiar with this feeling? You opened me up to a new world that I don’t ever want to come out of. So are you here to stay?

The walls I have built are slowly coming down..

Brick by Brick..

Layer by Layer..

I think I’m ready to make this feeling last forever. It excites me, moves me and has gotten the best of me. I want to thank you for bringing this new light into my life.

Now seal this feeling with one of your warm kisses on this cold Tuesday night so I can go to sleep and quickly wake up to this feeling again. ❤️